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Yo-Yos, Music & Dance

Yo-Yos, Music & Dance is a 60-minute show that combines three of Ooch's favorite activities - yo-yo tricks, cool music and sweet dance moves!

The show is half yo-yo tricks and half dance party.

During the first part of the show, Ooch performs some of his favorite yo-yo tricks as well as takes requests from the audience.

The second part of the show is "dance". In Ooch's world "dance" can mean MANY things like follow-along dance (where the audience copies Ooch's movements to the music OR VICE VERSA), popular line dances such as the Cupid Shuffle, Cotton Eyed Joe, Cha Cha Slide & others, body percussion, Freeze Dance and even Hula Hoops to music . . . all to popular songs requested by the audience.

Every now and then Ooch has also been known to sprinkle in a fun contest or two such as Limbo and Coke & Pepsi...

Each show is unique, fun and catered to YOUR audience.

Recommended ages for this show: K - 6th grade (but is fun for the whole family)

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