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DJ Ooch!

AND he spins music, too!  It started as a hobby and the rest is history...

If it's an energetic and interactive party you're looking for, look no further. Ooch DJs and hosts events of all types.

  • School dances, parties and festivals

  • Birthday parties

  • Scouting events

  • Fundraisers

  • Holiday parties

  • Corporate events

So what exactly does he do?  


First off, he's a request-driven DJ which means that he plays the music that you WANT to hear. Every audience is different as should be the music set.  If there's a song you want, ask for it and he'll play it.  His music is current and clean (and also has 'not-so-current songs if that's your fancy.)

Every party comes complete with -

  • Party dances (line dances)

  • Contests (such as limbo, hula-hoops and more)

  • Follow-alongs (where the audience follows Ooch's dance moves) 

And if you're looking for something a little different . . .

There's "Ooch's Party-Dance . . . Party"

If you're looking for an energetic & fun evening for the whole family, look no further. 

Seriously, is there such thing as a dance party that little kids, big kids, moms, dads and grandparents all enjoy? There is NOW! Ooch has CRACKED the code to fun for all ages and it's called "Ooch's Party-Dance . . . Party"!


What makes dance parties fun? Dancing! What do most people feel awkward about doing at dance parties? Dancing! How do we fix that? DANCING! . . . but Ooch-style. 


"Ooch's Party-Dance . . . Party" is an experience built for entire families to do TOGETHER at the same time.


Here's how it works -


Families come in as a group, find a place on the dance floor as a group and learn fun and easy dance steps . . . as a group. 


Ooch helps make dancing ENJOYABLE as he light-heartedly teaches basic dance party moves that EVERYONE can learn and then plugs the moves into popular party dances such as the Cupid Shuffle, Cha-Cha Slide, the Wobble and more! 

And DAD'S, even you'll have fun. That's an Ooch guarantee!


But don't worry about TOO MUCH togetherness, you won't be together the WHOLE time. 

At some point in the party Ooch will split up the adults and the kids and referee and EPIC FREEZE DANCE - Adults vs. Kids.


Do you need to be in shape to participate? Not really. Between each mini-lesson Ooch plays a fun or popular party song for you to grab some hydration (and your breath) or hop back on the dance floor and freestyle a bit!


By the end of the party you'll have learned some new dance moves but also have an awesome family memory to talk about for years to come.


"Ooch's Party-Dance . . . Party" can run between 60-90 mins and is good for family reunions, summer get-togethers, camps, libraries and school functions!

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