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Yo-Yos, Music & More

"Yo-Yos, Music & More" is a show full of fun and exciting yo-yo tricks, awesome music and more. Lots more!


To begin with, this show is FULL of yo-yo tricks. From the "Elevator" to the "Eiffel Tower".  From "Braintwister" to "Boing-Boing" and everything in between. Of course, we can't forget the classics like "Walk the Dog", "Around the World" and "Rock the Baby". But Ooch doesn't just "Rock the Baby", he rocks his baby IN the Eiffel Tower! And did we mention his twin "dogs" - Pooch and Scootch? Yep, Ooch has a way with yo-yo tricks . . . Whether it's "EXTREME Baby-Rocking" or the newly popular "DNA", his tricks are sure to entertain audiences of all ages.


If you're like most people and and don't really know how to make a yo-yo come back, that's okay because Ooch ALSO reveals the most overlooked trick in the universe - "Spinny-Thingy"! It turns out there's a wide variety of tricks you can do with "Spinny-Thingy"


And in the midst of all the tricks and comedy, he brings it back to the basics by showing his audience how to properly hold and throw an invisible yo-yo. (NOTE: This method also works with REAL yo-yos.) 

THIS is where the MUSIC part of the show comes in. Yes, Ooch has dancified the process of learning how to throw a yo-yo by putting his GRIP-FLIP-FLIP'N'WHIP technique into a funky musical experience!


So what makes up the "MORE" part of the show? Well it turns out there are other kinds of skill toys that are similar to the yo-yo and Ooch enjoys demonstrating them for his audiences. Whether it's the traditional skill toy of Japan known as the Kendama or the old school spin top, don't blink cuz you never know what skill toy Ooch will bust out next!


Awwww yeah!


Show length - 45 minutes

Recommended ages for this show: K - 6th grade (but is fun for the whole family)

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