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Workshops for EVERYONE!

If workshops are what you are looking for, Ooch may very well have one that suits your needs. In addition to offering yo-yo workshops he offers many dance workshops, too.

Workshops can be offered as one-time events or as multiple-week occurrences. One-time workshops run from 1-4 hours while multiple-week workshops usually run 1 hour each. Multiple-week workshops usually vary between 4 and 8 weeks. Customized programs are available.

Yo-yo workshops

The basic purpose of this program is to teach kids how to become proficient yo-yo players. Brett also focuses on the development of social assets such as goal setting, sharing knowledge with others, self-esteem and performance skills.

Each child can expect to walk away with (AT THE VERY LEAST) a basic knowledge of how to use and maintain a yo-yo, having learned about 6 tricks ranging from "Walk the Dog" and "Around the World" to "Atom Smasher" and "Brain Twister". Wow!

Each class is broken into three skill groups - beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each group has a "group leader". The "group leader" can be either a parent or volunteer. The role of the "group leader" is to keep their group focused on the assigned task until Brett gives them a new one. Additionally, they are responsible for removing string tangles and knots as well as changing the yo-yo string when necessary.

Suggested ages for this program: 7 and up

Suggested workshop time: 1 1/2 hours

Body Percussion

Having gone through the audition process for the Broadway show STOMP, Brett has caught the STOMP "bug"! He shares a range of rhythms made by his hands and feet with his students, starting from easy exercises to advanced patterns. His students also learn the importance of working with each other AND listening to each other to create an environment of rhythm and fun! Each child leaves the step-dance workshop stomping and clapping their way to the day's next activity!

Suggested ages for this program: 7 and up

Suggested workshop time: 1 1/2 hours

BAllroom shenanigans

Ballroom Shenanigans is a flexible workshop in that it can be a one-time thing or a multiple-session program.  Typically it's a one-time thing.  It runs for 90 minutes and I cover the basic rules of ballroom and three types of ballroom dances:  Foxtrot, Waltz and Swing.  It's a really fun time and NO stress.  This workshop is meant to be the class you take BEFORE you ever take a ballroom class.  Mistakes are expected and required.  Max number of participants depends on the size of the room.  I will take as many as you can get.  Couples are strongly encouraged.  IF someone comes alone, I cannot guarantee they will have a partner.

line/party dancing

Okay, so his grandmother got him into line dancing. No biggie. These days, Brett loves to teach all sorts of line dances to his students. This workshop focuses on popular line dances such as the "Cotton Eyed Joe" and the "Cha Cha Slide" as well as country line dances like the "Boot Scootin' Boogie" and "Country Walkin'" to name just a couple!

Suggested ages for this program: 7 and up

Suggested workshop time: 90 minutes

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