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Virtual Move-N-Groove 

It's time to transform your living room into a dance floor, people!  We've been on the couch long enough.  Let's shake it out and get funky, Ooch-style.

That's right, Ooch is now offering Family Move-N-Groove: an easy, interactive lesson in movement that's sure to have you shaking a leg.

Don't worry if you're not the "dance-type" or have "two left feet".  This program is built for the ENTIRE family.  

If you can walk, you'll be just fine.  With Ooch as your guide, you'll be doing things you didn't know you could do!


And don't worry about space.  All you need is your living room.  (Maybe pick up some toys, ESPECIALLY LEGOS!)

The process is simple - Follow the bouncing Ooch.  That's it.  

By the end of the session, you'll have learned a party dance, a body rhythm and a cool dance move that you can use anywhere!

And remember, NO SKILL REQUIRED.

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