The "Collection"

"The Collection" is a 60-minute  performance focusing on the importance of INCLUSION.

Most of us have a collection of some sort. Why? Because collecting is fun! Ooch has a collection - a collection of yo-yos. And what makes his collection so great? The variety. Of Ooch's giant yo-yo collection he highlights 5 of his most special yo-yos in this show. Each yo-yo has a story and more importantly, each yo-yo has striking similarities to each of his real life friends. Hey, we collect friends, too, don't we? And that's what this show is about - adding to our collection of friends.

Throughout the show, Ooch helps his audience understand why it's so important to include others in our lives, especially those who get left out from time to time. Like yo-yos themselves, you have to take people for a spin before you can decide if they're right for you or not. As Ooch demonstrates, it's impossible to know whether a yo-yo plays well until he actually TRIES it. Every yo-yo and every person is worth a try!

By the end of the show kids will be looking at their peers in a different light - as potential NEW friends that someday might be added to their "collection."

Recommended ages for this show: K - 6th grades


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