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Secrets to Being Social

The "Secrets to Being Social" show breaks "being social" into three categories: 

Talking (what we say), Listening (how we listen) and Behaving (how to interact with others in a pleasant way).

With the help of humor, music, dance and his yo-yo, Ooch illustrates and elaborates on the tips and tricks that make social skills a fun part of everyday life!  The social skills show focuses on:

  • Manners and HOW we use them

  • Telephone skills (Answering the phone)

  • Use of complete sentences

  • Eye contact

  • The importance of the smile and wave

  • Ways of effective listening

  • Crossing the street politely

  • The handshake

  • And more . . .


Ooch is grateful for being taught social skills early in life. He believes that one of the keys to his success was the social assets his parents instilled in him from very early on. Now Ooch has a show to share these skills with his audience! Awwww yeah!!!

Recommended ages for this show: 1st - 8th grades


positive spin

A show that teaches students how to find the positive in ANY situation and what to do when they are disappointed.

super pOwer

Embracing your own unique POWERS to overcome bullying.

secrets to being social

Fun and easy social skills tips and tricks.

This show takes the students on a journey towards self-confidence and self-expression through Ooch's personal stories of being bullied.

The show's focus is on the great power each student can develop by using his or her own unique qualities and talents, i.e., "SuperPOWERS, as Ooch calls them. These newfound "powers" are then applied to common bullying scenarios. Ooch draws parallels to the attributes of superheroes, and leaves his audience feeling "super. Just as Superman is bullet-proof, Ooch's audience learns to become "WORD-proof".

The Super-POWER Show focuses on:

  • The definition of bullying

  • How to realize when we are being a bully

  • Why we get bullied

  • What to do during and after we've been bullied

  • What to do to stop bullying

  • The power of the bystander

  • The importance of reporting the incident directly after it happens


A show about INCLUSION.

how to make a mistake

Learning how to become expert mistake-makers who know how to admit mistakes, clean them up and LEARN from them!

the secret of kindness

A show about being kind, random acts of kindness, paying it forward and the SECRET of kindness . . .

losing like a winner

Learning how to stay positive in defeat.

PERFECT is impossible. GREATNESS is within our reach.


Pick 3 components that fit your school best!

Ooch's perfectly imperfect

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