HOW to Make a Mistake

To err is human. What we DO with our mistakes is what's TRULY important.

So if we all make mistakes, why not be good at them?

In this 60-minute presentation Ooch will talk to his audience about becoming 'good' mistake-makers by taking the fear and guilt out of mistakes. If mistakes help us learn, then making them on a regular basis is a good thing. However, there are a few guidelines to becoming 'good' mistake-makers. Ooch's 'How to Make a Mistake' show centers around what to do once a mistake is made, such as:

  1. Admitting it

  2. Owning it

  3. Cleaning it up

  4. Forgiving yourself

  5. Learning from it

  6. Then making new ones...


Although this show is about becoming graceful mistake-makers, Ooch also discusses the importance of honesty, courage as well as not making excuses.

As usual, using his recipe of humor, music, movement and skill toys, Ooch teaches his audience how to become great mistake-makers in an active and fun way that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Recommended ages for this show: K - 8th grades


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